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Top 5 Margaritas in Cabo

Welcome to our choice of "Top Five Margaritas in Cabo San Lucas" exclusively presented by CaboViVO The origins of the margarita are shrouded in mystery, although it’s interesting to note that many of the claims put forth for its invention have a Baja California connection. The writer of an article published in an Iowa newspaper…
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Top 5 Cabo Adventures

Los Cabos is one of the most remarkable regions on the planet for adrenaline-racing activities and breathtaking adventures. There are two reasons for this phenomenon. One is simple geography. Los Cabos boasts a unique blend of spectacular terrains – from stark deserts and steep mountains to gorgeous golden sand beaches and pristine undersea environments in…
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Top 5 Cool Bars in Cabo San Lucas

What makes a bar cool, not just bars in Cabo San Lucas, but anywhere? Some might argue it’s the places that are the most popular, but at CaboVivo we think that’s almost exactly the opposite of cool…although let’s be honest, empty bars aren’t any fun either. What we prize is originality, different concepts, bars which…
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Top 5 New Hotels & Resorts in Los Cabos

“Every act of creation,” noted artist Pablo Picasso, “is first an act of destruction.” That adage certainly seems true in regards to one of the most remarkable chapters in recent Los Cabos history, as the widespread destruction of Hurricane Odile in 2014 kicked off an unprecedented building boom that three years later continues to transform…
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