Cabo’s Best at Your Fingertips – A Guide to Using the Cabo San Lucas Directory

A great city guide is like a Swiss Army knife. No matter what the situation, the tool you need is readily at hand. Looking for a great resort to recommend to visiting friends? A restaurant for a celebratory dinner? Need someone reliable to babysit your kids? How about professional dry cleaning services? Want to move furniture and clothing from the U.S.? A great city guide – aka, a directory – can help you find the best of everything, whether you’re a resident, or just visiting. The good news is, we finally have a great one for the Los Cabos area: CaboViVO’s newly created Cabo San Lucas directory.

What makes a great directory? We believe there are three qualities that distinguish the best directories from the rest of the competition.

An Authoritative Identifier of the Best Companies in Every Category

Every community of even moderate size will have hundreds, if not thousands of businesses. You might think, then, that an exhaustive directory of them all is best. It’s not, at least by that measure alone. Why? Because not every business is equal. All people are equally valuable, but all restaurants, for example, are not. Some have dirty kitchens and bad service. Some offer food and service so special it’s almost a life-changing experience. It’s important to be able to distinguish between the good, the bad, the ugly … and the very, very best.

CaboViVO’s new Cabo San Lucas directory is able to make those distinctions, because its staff includes authoritative identifiers of the best companies … which is to say, people that make these distinctions for a living. Our co-founders have written for newspapers, magazines, websites and travel guides that have touted the best of Los Cabos to readers around the globe. Our co-founders have also worked in a marketing and SEO context with many benchmark companies around Los Cabos. We know this region as only long-term, long-time residents can … but also as only paid professional experts do. Which is to say we have the bona fides and experience necessary to evaluate between the best restaurants, the best hotels, the best supermarkets, etc.

But don’t misunderstand us. Our Cabo San Lucas directory is also the most extensive and exhaustive director offered anywhere in the region. No other website has put in the work that we have to offer a rich variety of options in seemingly every category, from activities, drinking and dining, hotels and resorts, to myriad goods and services. We’ve covered everything we could think of to give local residents and visitors alike access to the information they need, when they need it, to make their lives easier and better.

Like Los Cabos legend Sammy Hagar, who as frontman of Van Halen once sang that he wanted the “Best of Both Worlds,” we at CaboViVO want to offer the most exhaustive directory, but also the most discerning. It has always been our goal to showcase the best of Los Cabos, and so our directory will include a long list of companies offering everything you might need or desire, along with the information needed to contact them. A kind of Cabo Yellow Pages, if you will. But we’ll also offer some featured listings, spotlighting companies we’ve identified as the best, the cream of the crop, in each individual category.

A Multi-Purpose Tool for Making Your Life at Land’s End Easier and Better

We mentioned the Swiss Army knife-like utility offered by a great directory, and we certainly built our directory of Cabo San Lucas with this idea in mind: that no matter what the issue … no matter what you’re looking for … we have a recommended business to fill that need.

Los Cabos is growing very rapidly. One need only take a drive through the Tourist Corridor to witness this growth. Or visit the East Cape. Or cruise along the Pacific Coast north of Cabo San Lucas. Or navigate the farm-to-table outskirts of San José del Cabo.

You get the point. The region is growing at an unprecedented rate. There are downfalls to this, obviously, in terms of increased traffic. But there are also wonderful new restaurants, resorts, goods and services, brands, chains, that have never been available in this region before. We want to bring them to your attention, and then help you experience what they have to offer.

As much as possible, we’ve attempted to design a tool that will put the best of Los Cabos at your fingertips. Our new Los Cabos directory will connect you to hundreds of businesses, with updated phone numbers and website and email info so you can contact the ones you want quickly and easily … heck, we’ve even added a cool new map feature to help you get directions.

Maximum Value and the Latest Deals and Discounts

Because of our relationships with businesses in every category of the “Cabo San Lucas directory”, we’re able to get the best prices for our users, including deals and discounts that may not be offered to the general public. This is an important feature, and an exclusive one as well.

So yes, you can simply scroll through our directory, and use the exhaustively curated information we’ve provided to contact businesses in whatever category you wish. But you can also ask us to do it for you. Contact us directly and let us see if we can find you a better price. Just as we have featured businesses in each category, we also have featured services for our users, and this is one of them.

Directory of Cabo San Lucas

Welcome to the New Cabo San Lucas Directory! Let Us Know What You Think.

In the preceding paragraphs we’ve introduced the Cabo San Lucas directory, and given you the skinny on how it works, and what some of its best features are. But please feel free to contact us. The whole point of this exercise in the first place was to help to bring our community together, and to connect us to our neighbors in new ways. If you have suggestions for new businesses, new features, or feedback on anything else you’d like to see included or improved, please tell us about it. You can drop us a line at [email protected]. Otherwise, welcome to the directory!

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Saludos from Co-Founders…

Chris Sands – Writer  and Michael Mattos


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