Marketing in Cabo San Lucas is Changing – is YOUR Business Ready?

Los Cabos is Changing & Local Business Owners Need to Change With It!

Los Cabos has changed dramatically in recent years, in ways both physical and philosophical.

Just as the Tourist Corridor coastline, East Cape and Pacific Coast area have seen incredible growth as new resorts continue to open–including properties from benchmark luxury brands like Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons–the local business scene has been buffeted by waves of an incredible sea change.

This isn’t the old Los Cabos, when tourists came primarily for big-game sportfishing and the party-hearty nightlife of Cabo San Lucas. The Capes Region has consciously and methodically rebranded itself as the premier luxury travel destination in Latin America, and this decision will have a host of long-term ramifications.

For starters, future Los Cabos visitors are likely to be wealthier and much more discriminating in their shopping, dining and activities choices than in previous years; meaning they’re more likely to enjoy the pampering upscale amenities at area luxury resorts than venturing into the downtown districts of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. This trend will promote increased competition for tourist dollars, and reward businesses with established marketplace credibility and a robust public profile.

How do you as a business owner position yourself for success within this new paradigm? Understand that the days when you can ignore technology and marketing are long gone. Success and growth in the new look Los Cabos requires that you attract the attention of visitors before they even arrive for vacation. Nowadays, travelers are researching their trip and planning activities well before they get around to packing their bags.

It’s a major paradigm shift, and it’s not going away. In fact, you can expect current trends to accelerate in the coming years. Thus, those who will succeed most are those who embrace this philosophical shift the fastest.

With that in mind, here are three essential steps to succeeding in the new look Los Cabos.

Build a Quality Website

Cabo ViVO website portfolio

It used to be that websites weren’t a big deal in Los Cabos and you didn’t need one for your business to succeed. But as we’ve stressed in the introductory paragraphs, times are changing and those who don’t change with them are going to be left behind.

Websites are now the #1 tool for business promotion everywhere, essential to building a loyal customer base, establishing credibility in the marketplace, and sharing new goods and services.

Don’t let your competitors gain an insurmountable advantage. Set your business up for success, now and for the future with a quality website.

What does the descriptor “quality” indicate? Your website can’t just be a homepage with an address and a phone number…not if you want to position yourself as an attractive option for upscale tourists. You need to optimize your website so that it can accomplish several important things from a marketing perspective, including…

See a few of the websites CaboViVO has created

Build a Distinct Brand Identity

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You may not think of your business as a brand–particularly if you only own a single shop, bar, restaurant, etc.–but you need to start thinking that way to achieve maximum market share in the new look Los Cabos.

Short high-quality videos are a perfect medium for establishing brand identity–essentially, what you represent to consumers in terms of lifestyle and values.

These videos can be purposed in a wide variety of ways, from home page centerpieces on your website to the focal point of social media campaigns aimed at your target demographic to YouTube content marketed to raise your profile among potential visitors, among other options.

Videos can take you from being another boring business to the coolest thing in Los Cabos, and it only takes a minute or less to achieve this public relations transformation.

Big corporations having been doing the same thing in terms of brand identity for half a century, mostly with television commercials. Skillfully made and marketed videos are not only much, much cheaper than TV commercials, they can reach an audience every bit as big.

Expand Your Audience Through Skillful Use of SEO

Marketing in Cabo San Lucas

How do you attract the next generation of customers or clients for your business? How do you establish trust with people who have never met you and may not even speak the same language?

You can start by building an audience online. A website is a good place to start, and an essential step to establishing credibility in your chosen marketplace. But the best way to grow your business is to promote it, to make both its existence and its uniquely special attributes known to as many people as possible. And the most reliably effective tactic to accomplish this is Search Engine Optimization. SEO for short.

SEO helps you organically rank your business at the top of all relevant online searches. Think about it. The first business at the top of any Google search is considered to be the biggest and the best, and is the most likely to be contacted by interested customers. Right?

So don’t you want that business to be yours?

Affordable keyword focused content that advertises your services without seeming like advertising is key. This alone will give you a huge advantage over your marketplace competitors.

Regular blogs on your website are the best platform for SEO strategy, but far from the only way to help grow your business through skillful manipulation of ever-changing search engine algorithms.

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