Michael Mattos

Michael is the website designer and co-founder of CaboViVO and performs all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the company.  Michael is also the founder of CaboProperties and PageDomination plus several other web properties. He is a successful entrepreneur and an acknowledged master of sales and marketing in a myriad of forms. Particularly sought after for his high-level SEO skills, Michael also boasts a remarkable track record with Windermere Los Cabos an established real estate firm in Los Cabos thanks to his flair for video marketing and promotion. He sold his electronic banking company in 2008, and has been a full-time resident, enjoying the Lifestyle of Cabo San Lucas since 2012.


Michael is an avid golf hacker, wine connoisseur, Cuban cigar aficionado, with an appetite towards incredible food. He is also one of the Top Contributors for TripAdvisor throughout Los Cabos.

Building Your Dream Life:

The Ultimate Guide to “Creating a Lifestyle Business"

“A lifestyle business is the epitome of entrepreneurship, where success is measured not just by financial gains but by the balance it strikes between work and personal life. It offers the opportunity to build a sustainable income stream while retaining control over your time and priorities. Living a lifestyle business is not just about earning a living, it’s about creating a fulfilling life on your own terms.”

Creating a Lifestyle Business

Written and Published by Michael L. Mattos

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