Portfolio Category: Deep Dives

Cabo Shark Dive

No, this isn’t a cage dive in a carefully controlled environment, but an uncaged, unscripted experience in the deep blue waters of the world’s largest and most abundantly populated ocean. This adventure of a lifetime is offered courtesy of Cabo Shark Dive, the first dive company in Los Cabo to take thrill seekers offshore for…
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Catch and Cook

Ranked Number 1 activity in Cabo San Lucas for fishing on TripAdvisor combined with one of the top restaurants in Los Cabos equals a great day of fishing!  The fishing experience was outstanding and we had an excellent meal with fish prepared three different ways...
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Blue Sky Cabo Fishing

Blue Sky Cabo Fishing and Tours provides fishing, snorkel, whale watching. Arch Tours, visit Pancho The Sea Lion,  and private Cabo sunset tours.  We are blessed to have one of the best regions to experience the ocean, dolphins, whales, fishing and majestic sunset tours.
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Diving the Sea of Cortés

Although water temperatures and visibility peak during the late summer and early autumn, Los Cabos and environs offer excellent year-round conditions for snorkeling and diving, not to mention a wealth of breathtakingly beautiful sites. The marine sanctuary at Cabo Pulmo, for example, features the highest abundance of marine life in the Sea of Cortés, as…
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