Dining in the Age of Social Distancing – The Top 5 UberEats Options in Cabo San Lucas

We’re living in strange times. The COVID-19 pandemic has – at least temporarily (although not as temporarily as any of us would like) – changed the way we look at and experience the world.

Ours is now a life lived primarily indoors, alone or in small family units, as we try to stay safe by limiting exposure to other people. You can’t get the virus if you don’t come into contact with it, so the safest course of action is to accept an enforced solitude, a self-quarantine-like social distancing. It’s the responsible thing to do. For everyone. Especially our most vulnerable citizens.

There’s nothing more insidious than a virus you can pass on to hundreds of people before you even know you have it. That’s why the current mantra is, by necessity, to stay smart, stay safe, and by all means stay home!

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Isolation definitely isn’t a recipe for long-term happiness. Indeed, most of us are probably climbing the walls already. But it’s not the worst thing in the world either, to enjoy the comforts of home with the aid of modern conveniences like Wi-Fi and Netflix, all while munching on popcorn or snacks from the latest Walmart delivery.

Of course, like everything else, the dining experience has been completely transformed. 50 years ago Cabeños did their grocery shopping in La Paz. Now, we have an overwhelming array of delivery options. No one needs to venture out into the ghost towns of Cabo San Lucas or San José del Cabo during these troubled times in search of anything. Rather, ghostly presences deliver it straight to your front door, as safe and easy as you please.

Lost, of course, are the views that have so long defined the Los Cabos dining scene, unless of course your deck features horizon-stretching ocean views, or Land’s End backdrops. If so, all the better. For most of us, however, the big dinner nowadays is delivered in a bag and parceled out onto plates to be consumed during the latest episode of Tiger King, or some such entertainment. Not that such lessens the culinary enjoyment. On the contrary, when food is one of the few true luxuries, the enjoyment of it increases almost exponentially.

UberEats is the high priest of the new-look dining scene in Los Cabos. Like Uber, which freed us from the price gouging tactics of greedy taxistas, UberEats has democratized the delivery options, without the limited selection or exorbitantly disguised delivery fees characteristic of its predecessors. It’s the right company at the right time, and a godsend during a time of widespread uncertainty about anything that’s happening outside one’s front door.

There is much to be thankful for during these troubled times, not least of which is the power of technology to translate our dinner wishes into delicious meals delivered right into our waiting arms.

With that in mind, here are five of our current favorites on UberEats:

La Casa de la Abuela

You can’t go wrong with “grandma’s” cooking at this restaurant, which specializes in traditional Mexican favorites like enchiladas, pozole and other beloved national dishes. If they have a subspecialty, it’s breakfast; and indeed this is our current favorite for omelets and other morning fillers, from pancakes to French toast.


Little Caesars Pizza

As a wise man once said: “There is never a bad time for pizza.” It’s delicious hot, it delicious cold the next morning. Little Caesars excels not only with their pies, chicken wings and cheesy-bread style extras, but also with their low prices. This is the best bargain in Cabo San Lucas right now.


La Brisa Marisco y Bar

We’re in love with the shrimp burger at La Brisa, piled bun high with bacon, fixings and savory salsa.  It’s reason enough for an order, but La Brisa also serves up a wide array of other seafood focused options, from plain old fish and chips to tasty fish tacos.


Arts & Sushi

Seafood filled Poke Bowls are a good way to keep your strength up, and to keep the diet from becoming a little too boring. Soups, salads, tempura and bbq style Yakitori skewers are also well worth trying.


La Galería Restaurant

In the mood for some Fettucini Alfredo? La Galería has you covered with a menu that chockablock with Italian and Mexican themed specialty dishes. They also boast the best burger we’ve had in awhile, stacked high with bacon, lettuce, tomato, jalapeño, pickle and onion.

Remember: Just because you’re stuck at home that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well!

How are you staying safe right now? What’s on your table? Drop us a line and let us know at [email protected] and we’ll share some readers’ favorites in a future column.

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