A Taste of San José del Cabo

Thanks to its big-time fishing tournaments and boisterous nightlife, Cabo San Lucas is now the more famous of the two cape cities that largely populate the Los Cabos municipality. But this was not always so. Until the advent of the tourist age some 50 years ago, San José del Cabo was far better known.

Before 1960, there was little in Cabo San Lucas save a cannery and about 300 residents. San José del Cabo, by contrast, has been an important regional community for almost 300 years, since the Jesuits first built a mission there in 1730. Not only is it the current seat of local government, but it boasts the sort of historic architecture unknown in Cabo San Lucas, from a beautiful old Catholic church to a stately City Hall topped with a nearly century-old old clock tower, and a courtyard filled with murals that trace the history of both the region and the country at large.

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