Hook and Cook at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

Hook & Cook Activity at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica At CaboViVO we LOVE to feature videos throughout Los Cabos! Check out this amazing video about the new Hook and Catch activity at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica... Not only is The Towers at Pacifica expansion bringing elevated luxury to Pacifica, it is also accompanied by special enhanced experiences…
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Los Cabos Tarzan Boats

Information about the TARZAN BOATS: Do you want to have a party on the water? Do you love waterparks but hate the crowds? Los Cabos TARZAN BOATS has the answer for you. We provide TARZAN BOAT rentals to customers worldwide. Our boat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is the ultimate waterpark on the ocean. Our…
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Top Five Tacos in Los Cabos

Our Choices for the Top Tacos throughout Cabo San Lucas! Superior foods prove themselves over time and space. They outlast fads and fashions, transcend decades, and improbably increase in popularity from century to century. Superior foods leap across national boundaries, and refuse to be confined to specific meals. They are somehow always appropriate, and almost…
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Welcome to CaboViVO

Welcome to CaboViVO, your video guide to the breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant culture and boisterous nightlife that make Los Cabos one of the most spectacular and exciting places on earth. It was not always thus. A little over 50 years ago, there were about 300 people living in Cabo San Lucas, and the only business…
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