A Taste of San José del Cabo! Day Trip – CaboViVO Style

A Taste of San José del Cabo Thanks to its big-time fishing tournaments and boisterous nightlife, Cabo San Lucas is now the more famous of the two cape cities that largely populate the Los Cabos municipality. But this was not always so. Until the advent of the tourist age some 50 years ago, San José…
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Catch and Cook – CaboViVO Style

Three amigos charter a 60' sport fishing boat in Cabo San Lucas for a day trip!  Catch and Cook - CaboViVO Style... Ranked Number 1 activity in Cabo San Lucas for fishing on TripAdvisor combined with one of the top restaurants in Los Cabos equals a great day of fishing!  The fishing experience was outstanding…
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Why Hotel California Should Be Suing the Eagles

The Eagles are Suing Hotel California. Here's Why it Should Be the Other Way Around! Why sue The Eagles? The glib answer is the band’s entire oeuvre, which like much of 1970s soft rock has not held up well with the passage of time (has anyone listened to Witchy Woman lately?). But we’re not interested in…
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White Party Cabo San Lucas

Return to Glory:  ME Cabo White Party Reclaims its Mantle as the Premier Social Event in Los Cabos A legend has been reborn, although to be fair, it never really went away. Its enchanting glamor and shimmering tropical luminescence simply dimmed for a moment, in deference to a once-in-a-generation hurricane and a subsequent rebranding effort.…
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