Passport to Savings – Enjoy the Best of Los Cabos at the Best Prices with Los Cabos Passport

Los Cabos Passport:

Visitors to Los Cabos from the U.S., Canada, and beyond should pack two passports. The first is the government-issued travel document that allows their official entry into México. The second is the Los Cabos Passport, the must-have travel accessory that not only guarantees entry to the best restaurants, bars and activities in cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, but at maximum value … with the lowest prices possible. 

How Los Cabos Passport Works:

Businesses offer discounts for a variety of reasons, ranging from attracting attention and new customers to increasing sales and market share. But rarely do businesses offer more than 10 to 2o percent discounts, for the simple reason that it limits profits.

Enter Los Cabos Passport, a discount tool that’s not built for the needs of businesses, but rather for those of consumers. Every discount from Los Cabos Passport is either 50 percent off or two for the price of one, and there is no limit to the amount of times you can use the card, or the savings you can accrue.

Yes, you read that right! There is no limit on the times you can use your card, or where you use it, with all discounts guaranteed to provide at least 50 percent value, either on items or entire experiences. Better yet, you can use your card for up to six people. Basically, the card ensures discounts for the entire family.

Over the course of a one to two week vacation it’s shocking how much savings really can be had; how many amazing new restaurants, activities, services and experiences can be added to your vacation itinerary without straining your budget in the slightest. In fact, because of Los Cabos Passport, your budget may now include luxuries you didn’t know you could afford.

So how does Los Cabos Passport do it? Or, more to the point, why have so many businesses signed up with “Los Cabos Passport” and agreed to provide such enormous discounts to card holders?

Because Los Cabos Passport did their homework, and has been able to ensure businesses are getting what they need in terms of volume to support the discounts. This is a win – win situation for everyone … but especially cardholders: vacationers and local residents alike, who receive enormous value on virtually every transaction.

The Best Restaurants, Activities, and Services … At the Best Prices

It’s not just the deep discounts, the unlimited usage, and the amount of people it covers (up to six) that makes Los Cabos Passport special. It also grants big values on some of the best restaurant experiences – from fine dining and fresh local seafood to burgers and pizza – as well as incredible bucket list activities and adventures. We’re talking about whale watching, swimming with whale sharks (the world’s largest fish), bungee jumping, ziplining, diving the oldest and largest living coral reef in North America (Cabo Pulmo), big-game marlin fishing, private yacht charters, horseback riding, and much, much more.

We mentioned that the card covers up to six people? Well, the adventures the card unlocks include activities that will appeal to adults and children alike. Kids can enjoy pirate-themed sailing cruises, for example, while parents may prefer a  romantic dinner for two with spectacular sunset views of Land’s End.

This really is your passport to Los Cabos, meaning the card that grants access to the vacation experience in paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

Los Cabos Passport

2 x 1 or 50% OFF

Activating the Ultimate Vacation Upgrade

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