El Triunfo Arts & Crafts Festival

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El Triunfo Arts & Crafts Festival

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El Triunfo and San Antonio, two mountain hamlets about 35 and 40 miles south of La Paz, respectively, are the two oldest secular communities in the Californias (yes, that includes the U.S. state of California). Both were built on gold and silver mining, and in fact during the latter part of the 19th century El Triunfo was the wealthiest community in Baja California, with reportedly the highest concentration of pianos per capita in México. It was the first Baja town to boast luxuries like electricity and telephones, and its largest smokestack, dubbed Ramona, was built by none other than Gustave Eiffel. Today, the populations of El Triunfo and San Antonio number in the hundreds, but both retain their old-fashioned charm and offer abundant historical artifacts and attractions. The best time to visit the former is during its annual Festival Artesanal, when vendors line the streets hawking traditional food, art and clothing, and colorfully costumed men and women waltz around the town square. For additional details, email [email protected].



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