Welcome to CaboViVO

Welcome to CaboViVO, your video guide to the breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant culture and boisterous nightlife that make Los Cabos one of the most spectacular and exciting places on earth.

It was not always thus. A little over 50 years ago, there were about 300 people living in Cabo San Lucas, and the only business of consequence was a cannery. In San José del Cabo, which along with its sister community is one of the twin hubs of what is now the municipality of Los Cabos, there were perhaps 2,000 people, with ranching and agriculture the primary forms of commerce. Into the 1960s, cattle were still loaded the old-fashioned way:  by tying them to pangas, or small skiffs, and then hoisting them by rope onto transports ships. San José’s most skilled artisans were its leatherworkers.

Welcome to CaboViVO

Today, Los Cabos is a world-class travel destination, with luxury leaders like Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons moving into a hotel and resort market already filled with marquee names. Three of Los Cabos’ 14 completed golf courses are ranked among the 100 best in the world, and more are on the way from legendary names like Tiger Woods, Greg Norman and Fred Couples. Los Cabos has hosted a G-20 summit of world leaders, boasts an annual film festival that draws major Hollywood stars, and its oldest event, Bisbee’s Black & Blue, has been turning marlin fishermen into millionaires for over three decades.

The story of that transformation has more twists and turns than a big-budget action movie…and it’s not over yet.

My own journey to this remarkable region began seven years ago, when I decided to take a winter vacation in Cabo San Lucas. I never left. In fact, I didn’t even return to San Francisco to retrieve the bulk of my belongings. It was immediately apparent to me that this was the place I had been unconsciously searching for all my life.

Since then, I have made a living extolling the  area’s charms – its gorgeous beaches,  big-hearted people and seemingly limitless activities and adventure options – for numerous websites and publications, from Fodor’s, Forbes and USA Today to local media outlets like Cabo Social and Los Cabos Magazine…and now, CaboViVO.

But CaboViVO is different. Just as my decision to move to Cabo was instantaneous, an immediate realization that this was where I wanted to spend the remainder of my life, so too was my immersion in the site you are now visiting. Why CaboViVO? Because its ambitions match my own:  not to offer just a slice of Los Cabos life, aimed at a specific market segment, but to capture what it really feels like to live in this magical place; to make it come to life for viewers anywhere in the world, full-blown in all its vivid tropical colors.

Our Top Five Adrenaline-Racing Activities in Cabo San Lucas Video

Top Five Adrenaline Activities in Cabo San Lucas

That concept – a real and immediate sense of place – was the genesis of CaboViVO, or LiVECabo. At my first meeting with Michael Mattos, his expression of this vision so closely approximated my own ideal of the site I had always wanted to see and to work for that we’ve been moving at full-speed ever since. Michael and myself are the founders of CaboViVO. Each brings a unique perspective, personality and skill set to this fledgling endeavor. Michael is a master marketer and SEO specialist who, in his passion for the area and his commitment to making the most of every second of every day, is in many ways the embodiment of what it means to Live Cabo.

On behalf of Michael, I invite you to join us as we travel from the 80-million-year-old granite monuments at Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas to the cobblestone streets of San José del Cabo’s historic Art District in search of exceptional people, extraordinary places and unforgettable events. Our goal is to showcase the best and brightest of this remarkable region’s many shining lights, but also its hidden heart and undiscovered treasures.

We thank you in advance for your support, and just as importantly, your feedback. If there is something you’d like to see, to uncover or discover about life in Los Cabos, please let us know. This is meant to be an interactive experience.

Our Top Five Beaches in Cabo San Lucas Video

Top Five Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

There are ostensibly two bedrock motivations at CaboViVO:  to showcase what our viewers most want to see, and to promote what we think is the best of Cabo, from restaurants and nightclubs to resorts and activities providers. Really, though, there is but one – to connect the people who want to visit or regularly visit Los Cabos with the businesses who regularly work to make it so incredibly special. In essence, to bring together people who want to Live Cabo with the people who already do.

In order to make that dream a reality, we have brought together a crack team of web designers, writers, videographers, editors and marketers. We’ve also invested heavily in high quality equipment and technology, including state-of-the-art drones. What this adds up to is the ability to produce what we think is not only the best video content in Los Cabos, but throughout the Baja California peninsula. We’re also working to source video from other channels, from local businesses but also from tourists and travelers, so that we can bring viewers what we feel is the most true and complete picture – not a snapshot, but a video tapestry – of what it means to live the Los Cabos lifestyle.

Like the place it celebrates, CaboViVO is a one-of-a-kind, a bespoke website built to reflect the Cabo lifestyle as it continues to grow and evolve. As I write this, Los Cabos is in the midst of a record-setting building boom, with over 4,ooo new hotel rooms scheduled to be added between 2015 and 2018. Residential developments too are proliferating, as the number of U.S., Canadian and other transplants continues to swell.

Los Cabos still retains its unrivaled natural advantages – a unique mix of mountains, desert and the meeting place of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortés – but it is also becoming a truly cosmopolitan community.

In other words, there’s never been a better time to Live Cabo. We cordially invite you to live it with us.


Chris Sands

With Michael L. Mattos


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