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Fishing has always been king in Cabo San Lucas. Thousands of years before the first tourists began to arrive on the southernmost shores of the Baja California peninsula, the original inhabitants, the Pericú, were diving from bark logs to spear fish in the offshore waters. During the first half of the 20th century, decades before the first tourists began to appear, the local cannery was the most productive in all of Latin America.

The enduring signature snapshot for modern travelers, however, is of a sun bronzed angler muscling in an enormous billfish from the fighting chair of an old-school charter boat. This was the image–a leaping marlin or sailfish trying to throw the hook–that not only launched tourism in Los Cabos, but birthed one of the world’s great contemporary sportfishing cultures.

Cabo San Lucas Sunset Cruise

Tournaments like Bisbee’s Black & Blue, with its multi-million dollar payouts, were born from this image…which was, in fact, a very tangible reality. Thanks to its unique setting at the confluence of two major bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas had been blessed with an almost overwhelming abundance, not only of black, blue and striped marlin, but tuna and sailfish, wahoo and dorado, and a host of other sought-after pelagic species.

There was just one problem with the entire tourism infrastructure that developed around this amazing, sometimes once-in-a-lifetime experience:  What about the ones who didn’t fish? What about the women and extended family of the big-game billfish stalkers?

The local shift towards luxury accommodations and amenities that began in the 1990s was, at the most fundamental level, a response to this need. Spas were added at the big beachfront resorts so that women too could have a world-class destination experience. Restaurants pioneered barefoot fine dining with romantic, seaside tables in the sand, where diners were serenaded by crashing waves. An entire industry was formed around destination weddings, honeymoons and renewal of vows ceremonies. Smart, far-sighted boat owners also adjusted their priorities, complementing their fishing-intensive charters with couples friendly sunset cruises, and family and friends oriented snorkel outings.

No local company has embraced and exemplified this practical and philosophical shift as well as Blue Sky Cabo, whose owner Jim Korchinski, has reimagined the traditional Cabo fishing trip as a complete lifestyle experience.

Imagine being met at the airport, before being whisked away in a limousine or other suitably luxurious transport to your own home away from home…with all the modern conveniences…in a gated community with spectacular views of the half-mile Land’s End headland and the glittering blue waters of the Sea of Cortés. Sound good so far? Now mix a few unforgettable “only in Cabo style” adventures between cocktail sessions around the pool, say swimming with manta rays, sharks or sea lions, watching 40 ton humpback whales breach spectacularly, or reeling in a blue marlin the size of an average Volkswagen.

No worries at the airport. No issues with taxi drivers or hotel staff. No pressure or stress at any point, including from Blue Sky Cabo. Transportation and accommodation are all optional amenities, as are the tours themselves. Everything is custom tailored, specifically geared to the clients’ desires.

This ability to anticipate, in a comprehensive fashion, the needs and wishes of their clients–without ever trying to sell them on anything–is a big reason Blue Sky has enjoyed such remarkable success. The company quickly ascended to the very top of the TripAdvisor activities rankings for Los Cabos, and has remained a fixture there ever since (to read guest feedback, click here).

Fishing, of course, remains the centerpiece activity. Blue Sky Cabo’s experienced captains and crew maintain a superb fleet of similarly named fishing vessels:  including Blue Marlin (a cat quick 31’ Intrepid Express), Blue Star  (a handsome 32’ Luhrs), Blue Sky (a gorgeously fitted out 43’ Riviera), Blue Sea (an exquisitely appointed 60’ Bertram), and Blue Secrecy (a 125’ state-of-the-art Westport luxury yacht that also fishes). The boats are not only graduated in size and price, of course, but also in cabin and creature comforts. The Westport, for example, comes complete with wave runners, in case guests want to get an up-close look at an 84 million year old naturally occurring granite arch, or jet off for a romantic interlude on nearby Lover’s Beach.

For those less interested in fishing than in general water based fun under the Baja sun, Blue Sky Cabo offers plenty of other options aboard the same beautifully cared for boats. Spring Breakers and the young at heart can party like rock stars during afternoon booze cruises, checking out the action on nearby Médano Beach; snorkel jaunts showcase surreal underwater environments along the southern coastline, from reefs and shipwrecks to the teeming abundance of local marine life; sunset tours provide romantic “Champagne” moments amid magnificent natural backdrops (think “huge fiery red ball exploding in a kaleidoscopic burst of tropical colors beyond Land’s End”); floating, fun-filled bachelor and bachelorette cruises are a specialty too, thanks to the multi-talented crew.

These are the stars of the show, by the way. The captains grew up fishing these waters, and know the local conditions–from optimal fishing spots to seasonal species and their bait preferences–as well as the back of their well-calloused hands. Crew excel at just about everything, from fishing and dock hand duties to mixology and “margarita science.” There’s even a musician on hand for many tours, ready to belt out popular songs, croon romantic ballads, or sing dirty sea shanties. Like everything else aboard the Blue Sky Cabo fleet, it all comes down to client choice.

To find out more about fishing packages and other custom tailored offerings from Blue Sky Cabo, call 624-177-7754 (866-261-3872 in the U.S.; 780-918-3344 in Canada). Discounts are available with the promo code CABOVIVO, but vary according to tour.

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