Cabo Shark Dive – CaboViVO Style

Los Cabos tour companies have been ferrying vacationers to La Paz for years to swim with the world’s largest fish. For those bored with the idea of swimming alongside 40,000 pound whale sharks – who are, after all, merely plankton eaters – there is now a newer, much scarier option:  swimming with real sharks.

No, this isn’t a cage dive in a carefully controlled environment, but an uncaged, unscripted experience in the deep blue waters of the world’s largest and most abundantly populated ocean. This adventure of a lifetime is offered courtesy of Cabo Shark Dive, the first dive company in Los Cabo to take thrill seekers offshore for Pacific Ocean encounters with makos, hammerheads, blues, sickle silks and other menacing looking shark species.


Organized by Jacopo Brunetti, AKA Jacob Scuba – the founder of Cabo Shark Dive and a respected marine biologist, underwater photographer and certified shark expert – all tours include tested and reliable safety measures, plus the required medical and communications equipment…just in case, you understand. In addition to the adrenaline rush of free diving with prehistoric eating machines, divers invariably encounter other large pelagic species as well, from marlin and manta rays to dolphins and sea lions.

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