Sea Turtles Navigate to the Sea Throughout Los Cabos

Five of the world’s seven endangered sea turtle species come to Baja California to lay their eggs–the green turtle, hawksbill, loggerhead, olive ridley and leatherback (the largest sea turtle and the world’s fastest aquatic reptile)–with local conservation agencies and some area resorts offering opportunities to assist in the hatchling process. Although mature sea turtles are long-lived and have few predators, they are in great danger during their initial journey away from the nest, extremely vulnerable to predators on both land and sea. In Los Cabos, sea turtle season stretches from late August until early December.

How does it feel to release 200 baby sea turtles into the ocean? Watch the first video below to watch all of the smiles 

How much do you know about baby turtles? Out of 1,000 released baby sea turtles, how many survive to become adults? How BIG can sea turtles get? How many days does it take for baby sea turtles to hatch? Watch the video to find out and learn more…

Releasing 200 Baby Sea Turtles into the ocean: 

Baby Sea Turtle emerging from their eggs:

Asupmatoma A.C is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the endangered sea turtles of Baja California Sur, Mexico, and the overall environmental sustainability of Los Cabos’ beautiful beaches, lands and surrounding communities.

ASUPMATOMA has saved tens of thousands of sea turtles in the wild and hundreds of thousands of baby sea turtle hatchlings along the beaches of Los Cabos.

Now that nesting season has begun, ASUPMATOMA is offering several programs that allow locals and visitors the opportunity to help protect these magnificent creatures, and the donations required are minimal.

NIGHT PATROL:  July 1 – October 30

Keep the predators at bay, as you spend a night camping and patrolling with local marine biologists. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about sea turtles, and to experience Baja in the wild. All that’s required is a small donation of $25 U.S. per person.

ADOPT A NEST:  July 1 – October 30

Protect an entire family of sea turtles, keep their nest clean, and shepherd them on their most important journey. The photographs and memories will last a lifetime, and ASUPMATOMA also includes an informative kit. This program is available for a donation of $25 U.S. per person.

ADOPT A SEA TURTLE:  September 1 – December 15

Help a sea turtle navigate his or her way to the sea, and in the process receive a certificate with your name and the name of the newest member of your extended family. This life-changing experience is only $20 for adults, $15 for kids 12 and under.

To take part in one of these important programs, contact ASUPMATOMA at, visit their Facebook page, or call their office at (624)143-0269.

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